About Us

About Us

Sannati Agro Farm Enterprises (SAFE) a commercial farming company in Ethiopia with allocated land of 1000 Hectares. Commenced the operations in 2011, progressively growing year after year by clearing land procured and making it suitable for farming.

We have extensive experience in farming Rice, Cereals, Pulses, Millets, Oil Seed Crops and Spice Crops. We have experienced and resident staff. We at Sannati Agro believe in sustainable development by also preserving and reserving Mother Nature to further generations.


"To become one of the best agricultural business houses in the world with sustainable development model."

Objectives of SAFE:

  • Establish a multifaceted agro business and engage in any type of agricultural and agro industrial business activities as well as in export of any type of agricultural and agro industrial products it has produced as per the applicable law in the countries of its operations.
  • Engage in farming of Rice, Cereals and Pulses, Millets, Oil Seed and Spice Crops and processing them to make them exportable commodity.
  • Engage in helping the community by knowledge transfer and teaching them best practices in farming.
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